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Jual Splicer ANDCORP

Spesifikasi Splicer ANDCORP

PT. Trikomindo Karunia Utama adalah DEALER RESMI Product FIBER OPTIC.
Kami menjual berbagai jenis Product FIBER OPTIC, salah satunya adalah Alat Penyambung Fiber Optik.
Kami juga menjual berbagai Product Accessories Fiber Optic seperti Splicer ANDCORP, dengan spesifikasi sbb :

Ancorp Splicer is compatible with being widely used fibers and cables, even for splice-on connector. It combines the functions of both splicing and heating for those cables which are popular in FTTx: 250μm fiber, 900μm fiber, flat cable, fiber jumper and splice-on connector.

Features :

-   Compact size with 1.82kg weight (without Battery)
-   Splicing Method: DACAS
-   (Digital Analysis Core Alignment System)
-   Friendly smart GUI
-   Quick optimize menu
-   High precision splicing
-   USB master port, easy to upgrade software
-   Universal holder
-   Replaceable SOC holder
-   Replaceable SOC heating oven
-   FTTH fitted package

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